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Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment

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Our History

Empowerment Quality Care Services, LLC was co-founded in during May 2009 in Charlotte, North Carolina by current owner, Andre Reynolds (CEO). During May 2020, the company welcomed Chuck Thompson (COO) as a new co-owner of EQCS. We have successfully collaborated to form a program that will stand above the rest, through the use of intense educational modules, that will enhance each Member’s will to achieve their goals, coupled with a firm living environment that will address the Member’s health, social, and personal needs.
We are proud and honored to have been awarded Council on Quality & Leadership (CQL) Accreditation in August 2013.  Most recently, we achieved and currently maintain CQL Accreditation in Quality Assurances.  EQCS’ participation in CQL’s international accreditation program demonstrates our commitment to excellence in person-centered services and supports that lead to increased quality of life. 

*We Now Offer Virtual and On-site Services

EQCS has established general program guidelines and rules that must be followed by our Members; however, services will be tailored to their goals. Members will design a Person-Centered Plan or individualized Recovery Plan with their direct care provider based on what is important to them and services provided will be based on the goals Members help create for themselves. Your case worker will provide you with training, advice, and resources that will enable you to take control of your illness, better manage your symptoms, increase your independence, and overall improve your ability to live more successfully in your community.
EQCS provides PSR and SAIOP onsite and promotes the use of resources that are available to you in your community. The cost for our services is covered by Medical Assistance or Medicaid. If you do not have this insurance we will help you apply for any and all entitlements. You are in charge of your recovery.  

Who We Are

Behavioral Health Service Provider

Empowerment Quality Care Services, LLC is a behavioral health service provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina and serves individuals in the Cardinal Innovations Healthcare and Partners Health Management networks.

We are a company dedicated to helping all Members we serve. The goal of our program is to positively impact our Members’ recovery efforts and improve their quality of life. Additionally, it is our goal to provide the most appropriate care, dignity, and respect that each Member of Empowerment Quality Care Services rightfully deserves, and the same will be given to all employees of the company.

Empowerment Quality Care Services is built on the foundation that believes our Members can and will be productive in his/her community.  With a strong foundation in youth and adult services, Empowerment Quality Care Services has spent years developing quality programs that stand above the rest.  We have intense education modules that enhance each Member and assist him/her with setting goals and achieving them.  Our employees provide our Members with training, advice and resources that enable persons served to: take control of his/her illness; better manage his/her symptoms; increase his/her independence; and overall, improve his/her ability to live more successfully in their community.


Empowerment Quality Care Services is a facility and community-based agency designed to provide professional, quality services to individuals and families in a collaborative effort to inspire a positive and healthy future through connections of advocacy, resources, and support.


The vision of Empowerment Quality Care Services is to ensure that all Members are supported with quality care provided by their families, staff, and positive support systems, and as a result will become productive contributors to his/her community.

Referrals are accepted on an ongoing basis from community partners, agencies and as well as from individuals. If you or someone you know is in need of behavioral health services...

Email us at admin@eqcscharlotte.com or Call EQCS Now


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