We offer intense clinical care from a team approach to assist adult individuals in all areas of functioning so that they can reduce crisis episodes, obtain stable housing, connect with school or vocational opportunities, be more independent, improve social skills, and learn coping skills to manage their mental health and substance abuse symptoms. This support is provided for individuals who have needs that require more than our least restrictive counseling services. These individuals will also have one of the following difficulties:

  • Frequent crises, including admissions to a hospital or crisis center
  • Homelessness or unstable housing
  • Legal problems
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or others
  • Difficulty controlling anger
  • Severe mood swings
  • Inappropriate public behavior
  • Medication and medical problems

The Community Support Team consists of a minimum of four (4) qualified professionals dedicated to the needs of the individual. The team provides the following supports:

  • Crisis Support 24/7
  • Flexible scheduling of appointments in a variety of settings
  • Psychiatric medication management
  • Evidence Based Therapeutic Interventions
  • Case management services