The EQCS SAIOP program is a structured for those who are challenged with alcohol and drug addictions. It helps our participants to develop skills for making responsible decisions about personal substance use. 

SAIOP consists of structured individual, family, and group activities and services provided on an outpatient basis designed to assist adult and adolescent clients with addiction disorders to begin recovery and learn skills for recovery maintenance.  This program also assists with informing Members about benefits, community resources and additional services. SAIOP provides education on both wellness and recovery.
SAIOP is offered at times that maximize the ability of the person served to participate in the program. SAIOP meets a minimum of 9 hours per week over a minimum of 3 days per week with no more than 2 consecutive days without services being offered equally out to be at least 3 hours each day.  Participants will be alcohol and/or drug screened as clinically indicated.  SAIOP will be tailored to fit each Member’s needs by developing a Person-Centered Plan which helps to identify their goals, needs, and preferences in one’s treatment. Each participant’s Person Centered Plan (PCP) will be updated monthly in an effort to review and document necessary changes to his/her treatment plan.  Participants will also receive case management services as specified within their PCP.
SAIOP is usually provided to each Member for a period of three months.
SAIOP services include the following, per the Member’s treatment plan goals:
• Individual/Group counseling and support

• Family counseling, training, or support
• Substance Use testing to identify recent drug and or alcohol use
• Relapse prevention 
• Life skills training
• Crisis contingency planning
• Case management activity  to arrange, link, coordinate, or integrate multiple services, assessment and re-assessment of the Member’s need for services